Carabao Tawandang Group unveils 1.7 billion Baht new state-of-the-art bottling plant to cater to the rising local and international market demand

Carabao Tawandang recently announces the opening of the new bottling plant in Bang Pakong District. The new high-speed bottling plant is part of the production enhancement plan to keep with the increasing demand from both local and international markets. The new plant is also expected to decrease cost and sustainably reduce the use of energy.

Mr. Sathien Setthasit, CEO of Carabao Group Public Company Limited or CBG, reveals that Carabao Tawandang (CBD) a subsidiary of CBG, sets aside 1,750 million Baht to construct the new bottling plant that is larger and more reliable to comply with the growth trend of energy drinks under the trademark of Carabaodang and Carabao that have become increasingly in-demand in both local and international markets.

“The demand of bottled energy drinks has gradually increased in both local and international markets. And CBD, having realized the potential and bright future of energy drink business, invested in this new bottling plant to boost production to keep up with the current rise of demand in the present and in the future. This new plant in Bang Pakong has high-speed capacity that yields 1,000 bottles per minute per one production line.”

In 2016, bottled energy drink under Carabaodang trademark gains 12% sales increase in domestic market, from 732 million bottles in the previous year to 820 million bottles. Meanwhile, bottled energy drink under Carabao trademark marketed in international territories saw 41% increase from 61 million bottles to 22 million. CBD’s new venture with its new bottling plant in Bang Pakong can be equipped with up to 10 production lines, including 2 new high-speed production lines during the first phase of operation. Each line holds capacity of 1,000 bottles per minute, totaling 24 million bottles per month.

Mr. Sathien also comments that, along with the executive team’s extensive experiences and senior engineers’ expertise, the new plant is expected to reduce production cost and energy expense. CBG and CBD are confident that the boost in production will prompt profitability and efficiency in the overall business.

CBD’s new bottling plant is located on 31 rais of land in Bang Pakong District of Chachoengsao Province. The construction is expected to complete in the fourth quarter of this year. CBD also reveals that they might consider moving some of the bottling machines from the existing plant in Bang Bo to the new plant to unify its production in one spot.