Carabao has established a world-class production center complete with energy drinks bottling and bottle and can production plants in Chachoengsao to highlight quality and support expected sales growth at home and overseas

Carabao is in a push to ramp up production capacity to highlight its goal of being “the world-class product, world-class brand”. The company has incorporated its bottle and can production operations into its new center of production facilities in Chachoengsao’s Bangpakong district to elevate its production to world-class quality status to support the upswing in growth at home and abroad. Carabao also launched a TV commercial titled “Do Your Best” on August 10 in a bid to tap into a new-gen market and highlight the brand’s fighting DNA.

Mr. Kamoldist Smuthkochorn Deputy Managing Director and Chief Productions Officer (CPO) says, “In response to robust growth in its energy drinks under the Carabao Dang and Carabao trademarks both in domestic and overseas markets, Carabao Group has relocated overall production operations to its new center of production facilities that is set in a 180-rai tract of land in Chachoengsao’s Bangpakong district. The new center – part of the company’s plan to ramp up production capacity through vertical integration – is comprised of a glass bottle production plant (APG), an energy drinks bottling plant (CBD), and an aluminum can production plant (ACM). The new production center is a joint venture with the Japan-based investor SHOWA DENKO Group. Total value of investment for the company’s newly constructed can production plant amounts to Bt2.2 billion. The new can production factory has a production capacity of 1 billion cans per year.

“As a result of the company’s policy for expansion in both domestic and overseas markets, our production department is well prepared for the move in all its respects to satisfy increasing demand. However, our attempt to expand production doesn’t amount to a boost in our potential in the way of quantity alone. In fact, we have invested in the development of quality and efficiency to achieve world-class production standards as befitting Carabao’s ‘world-class product status’ as evidenced by its high-speed bottling and canning machinery; automatic drink mixing and bottling equipment; glass bottle quality assurance and control (QA/QC); supply chain; warehouse management and security systems; and environmentally friendly production systems,” says Kamoldist Smuthkochorn.

He adds that past experience of the group’s dedicated management team and staff members of the Carabao group of companies shows that the new production center will not only cut production costs, but also help the group conduct its manufacturing business that is environmentally friendly. Consumers can rest assured that Carabao products will remain world-class products that are ready to be delivered to consumers and compete elegantly with other products on the international level. That fills the company with pride as a public company.

The joint venture with SHOWA DENKO Group – one of Japan’s 5 largest manufacturers of aluminum products with 3 production bases and technical support centers across Japan – is one of the crucial steps that will strengthen the Carabao group as it attempts to create new fully integrated businesses and expand into upstream industries.

The group strives to attain its goal of being number one in the business. By having Carabao’s own aluminum can production plant, the company can instantly dispense with its dependence on outside suppliers of aluminum cans. The new production center will be able to support growth of the energy drinks overseas under the Carabao trademark. This will help cut production costs and enable the group to achieve more profits over the long term. If there’s room for overcapacity, the company can engage in producing and distributing other products to order as a way of creating more business opportunities.

In accordance with Carabao’s marketing plan, the group strives to be number one in the energy drinks market in Thailand in 3 years. To reiterate the company’s world-class product, world-class brand status, the company has elevated the Carabao brand to a new level of sophistication. Carabao is well aware of the importance of the new generation as the driving force of the country’s national and economic development. Trends in world markets show that the ages of consumers of energy drinks are getting lower. As a result, Carabao is seeking to boost the morale of young people as the driving force of our society by launching a new TV commercial titled “Do Your Best”. The 60-minute advert aired on August 10.

Mr. Kritpong Nillawong, Marketing Director of Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd., comments, “The new commercial is geared toward the new generation who strive for success in life. The advert will highlight the brand’s fighting DNA by getting across the message of “Do Your Best” to our target group. The expression is a motto for those who are fighting hard in order to win or succeed or to be number one without losing hope. Carabao aims to support and encourage its target group to do anything to the best of their ability in order to achieve their desired goals. Just the same, the goal of the Carabao brand is to take the mantle as the market leader in the near future.”