Carabao Group wins two accolades from the Global Good Governance Awards 2021

Carabao Group Public Company Limited have recently won two awards from Global Good Governance Awards (3G Awards), internationally acclaimed accolades by the UK’s financial consultancy firm Cambridge IFA that recognizes the social responsibilities and sustainable development of an organization.

Carabao Group Public Company Limited is honored to accept the 3G Championship Award for CSR Campaign 2021 and 3G Excellence in Corporate Governance Reporting Award 2021, as announced virtually via online channels on 25 May 2021.

The Global Good Governance Award is a prestigious recognition awarded to international state and public organizations that operate to international standards with good governance and sustainable social responsibility. 

Carabao Group Public Company Limited was established on 8 July 2014 and became a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 21 November 2014. Its first product, Carabao Dang energy drink, was launched on the Thai market on 28 October 2002.

Throughout the operation, ever since its inception, Carabao Group has steadily expanded. Its business covers, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of energy drinks and other beverages, as well as manufacturing glass bottles and aluminum cans for packaging. Carabao Group also manages and oversees distribution through participating store networks and business partners both locally and internationally under the vision : World Class Product, World Class Brand.